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Make Breakfast With Emma

Emma loves making her own Scrambled eggs, with Mommy’s help of course. Watch along as Emma takes us step by step in making scrambled eggs for Breakfast. Check out more like this on our Youtube Channel! More

Learning with Homer

Do you give your child Screen time? I do! My toddler loves screen time. We’ve added educational programs like Homer to our daughters Ipad. This way when she wants to have Screen time or I need her to have screen time, I tell her to do her learning app. She easily opens up Homer and […] More

How I taught my Toddler the days of the week

I was looking for a way to teach my toddler the days of the week. I didn’t know any songs that do this. I heard this song come on and I immediately thought, this will work! And it did! Now that she’s in School she knows another song for the days in the week and […] More

Footsteps of a Mommy

Have you ever walked the footsteps of a Mommy? As many of you know, I am a huge Disney Fan. I was watching Pocahontas with my daughter and Colors of the Wind came on. I had a rough day and was pretty burnt out. I immediately started coming up with lyrics for Footsteps of a […] More

Disney Character Dining

If you love Food and Disney you’ll love the Character dining. I’ll be sharing our experiences at Minnie & Friends Breakfast in the Park at the Plaza Inn, Mickey’s Tales of Adventure Breakfast at Storyteller’s Cafe, Goofy’s Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel and the Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure at Napa Rose. The delicious food and […] More

FOOD4LESS® Back to School Lunch

This shop has been compensated by Inmar Intelligence and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #Food4Less #mylunchboxmoment It’s that time again. School is just around the corner and you know what that means. Yes, it means Mommy needs to go lunch shopping. Thankfully FOOD4LESS® has a large selection of my family’s favorites. Trying to […] More

Easy, fun toy ideas out of TP rolls

I wanted to share our fun homemade toys we made out of toilet paper rolls. Yes, you read that right! We used a bunch of toilet paper rolls to create some of my daughters favorite toys 1. First we have Baby Shark! My daughter is obsessed with Baby Shark right now so this was first […] More

How to Calm your little ones down

Let’s talk about our little ones frustrations. We need to remember that although we have these little humans that are growing. They have big feelings. We need to teach them how to identify and deal with their feelings. I’ve noticed that Miss Emma tends to get frustrated when something doesn’t go her way. It can […] More

St Patrick’s Strawberry Shortcake

Who doesn’t love a strawberry shortcake?⠀ These yummy clover strawberry shortcakes are so easy to make and super yummy! ⠀⠀Ingredients ⠀☘️ Pillsbury crescent dough⠀☘️ Strawberries⠀☘️ Sugar⠀☘️ 1 egg white⠀☘️ Whipped cream⠀☘️ Spinach juice purée optional☘️ Powdered sugar & green sprinkles optional⠀⠀Directions ⠀1️⃣ Lay the dough flat and cut out clover shapes. I used a snowflake […] More

Mom Guilt is real

Let’s talk about Mom guilt! Yes, it is a real thing. I never imagined I could constantly feel guilty after having a child, but I do. Thankfully I have a bunch of amazing mommy friends who help me realize that it’s common. The fact that they go through this too, definitely helps me not feel […] More

3 Ways to help family and friends with Covid-19

Many of our family and friends are becoming infected with Covid-19. Some have very little symptoms and some we have lost. With such a contagious virus, it can be a scary feeling of wanting to help, but not wanting to get sick ourselves. So how can you help a loved one when they get Covid-19? […] More

Potty Training Fun

Let’s face it, Potty training doesn’t really seem fun. I know when the time came I asked myself, What do I do?  How do I do it? What toilet do I buy? Do I need to buy pull ups or underwear? Do I reward them with toys or treats? Do I punish them for accidents? […] More

The 7 Positives I found during Quarantine

When most people think of the word ‘Quarantine’ they associate it with a lot of negative feelings. Although this experience has had it’s lows, I think it’s had some positives too. It’s made a lot of people take a deeper look at themselves. I know that I did.  I’m glad I had to dig a […] More

5 things I do to help my mental health

Our Mental health is so important. Many times we can get so overwhelmed with life and especially motherhood that we start to fall apart mentally. It’s so important for us to work on maintaining a healthy state of mind. You’re going to have bad days and that’s ok. Some days you’ll want to scream at […] More

Little Picky Eaters

I’ve been struggling with a picky eater, that’s for sure. Who knew that a child could go from absolutely loving a food to not wanting it at all. For example, my child ate 1-2 scrambled eggs every morning. She would ask me for eggs. Then one morning she didn’t touch her egg, she wanted no […] More

Hygiene Sing A Long

How to make basic hygiene fun! Thankfully toddlers love to mimic what they see. This makes turning daily hygiene into something fun. My daughter loves songs. So I always try and sing a song. With a help from Dave & Ava Nursery Rhymes, I altered one of their songs. I use it for everything.  In […] More

Staying hydrated and full of energy

Let’s talk staying hydrated with energy! We recently went on a road trip. It was perfect timing to be gifted with Hydration multiplier and Energy multiplier by LIQUIDI.V. These are non -GMO drink mixers. So easy to just pour the mix into a bottled water and drink up! The hydration multiplier comes in different flavors. I […] More

Before I was a Mom vs Now

Who knew that all the tales you heard from moms were true! I’ll be the first to admit, before I was a mom I thought a lot of stories were exaggerations. I thought I knew it all and that I’d be the ‘perfect mom’. Boy oh boy was wrong! I spoke all of the typical […] More

How a Sesame Street shelf helped my daughter clean up

My Daughter loves Sesame Street! Which I love because it’s super educational. She doesn’t however like picking up her toys. She loves to play but her Sesame Street toys are all over the floor most days. So how awesome was it, when I was gifted a Sesame Street Book shelf from @Deltachildren It is so […] More

How Moms workout with small children

In this video I describe different ways I get a workout completed while also dealing with my Toddler.  I used to struggle a lot, but the key thing to remember is, it’s ok and it’s not you’re fault. Hopefully this helps you out. More

Creative ways to teach your kids

As a mom of a toddler, I try my best to help her growing process.  I’m constantly trying to find creative ways to teach her things like numbers, shapes, letters, colors, etc. I recently found the most amazing tool and I have to share it with you! Chakola recently gifted me with a 40 chalk […] More

Sometimes you can’t just ‘Decide’ to become a parent

Contrary to popular belief, sometimes you can’t just decide to become a parent.  I learned this the hard way. I had been with my partner for 10 years and throughout that time people always asked us when we’re getting married and when we’re having kids. We always knew we wanted a family but we just […] More

Device Dependency

Device dependency wasn’t a topic for me, until I broke my phone. It’s eye opening. I never realized how much a part of my life my cell phone was. Not having a cell phone for 6 days made see things differently and although I miss my phone and can’t wait to have it back, there […] More

Separation Anxiety strikes Mommy

I never thought I would experience Separation Anxiety. Boy was I wrong. After having my daughter and caring for her, my attachment became oh so real. I feel that this might have been a combination being a New mom and all my struggles to finally having a baby. About a  month and a half after […] More

Shape Song with Mat

Singing and learning is one of my favorite combinations. We sing a lot of songs in our house. (I do, lol) It’s such a great way to teach things to your little ones. My daughter loves a catchy tune and before you know it, she’s learning too! One of our favorite learning songs is the […] More

6 Summer Hacks, that will make life easier this summer

Summer time is upon us, and if you’re anything like me you love to be out in the sun. Whether it’s the beach, camping, pool side, having a BBQ, or on a trip with your family. Here are my top 10 Summer hacks that make life for you and your family a little bit easier. […] More

Disney Dole Whip

If you’ve ever been to Disneyland you might have heard about the famous Dole Whip. Dole Whips are sold in front of the Enchanted Tiki Room. This delicious frozen dessert is known for its pineapple flavor. If you’ve ever wondered how they came to be, well here you go. The Dole Food Company became the […] More

Goli Gummy

Let’s talk about @goligummy ⠀ ⠀ I’ve tried to take Apple Cider Vinegar shots off and on for years, trying to obtain the amazing benefits. I was never able to stay consistent because I hated the taste! ⠀ ⠀ How genius is this?!? ACV in gummy form! Just 2 Gummies that taste absolutely yummy, equals 1 […] More

Fun Toddler Trike

Let me tell you about this fun 5 in 1 Trike we got for our daughter. Believe me when I say she wants to ride it everyday and just absolutely loves it. She can’t quite reach the petals yet, our petite little girl, so we still have the foot platform installed. We do let her […] More

Ideas on How To Play With Your Kids

It’s important for parents to play with their kids. Here are some fun & beneficial playing ideas! Horsing Around – Many Kids all ages, especially boys, like to wrestle, smaller kids like to play chase such as ‘I’m gonna get you’. They Like to jump all over you, love when you toss them in the air. […] More

4 of the best toys for babies and toddlers

Buying toys for your little ones can be fun but a bit pricey. What if I told you that most children will toss aside the expensive toy and rather play with something you may already have at home. That’s right! Save your money and try out these items instead. If you don’t believe me, put […] More

8 Months Learning Circle Shape

There are a variety of ways to teach your little ones. One of my favorite ways is using the foam shape parts from my daughters playmat. I decided to focus on Circle first. Once I felt that she had circle down I would move on to the next shape. Video below shows us practicing our […] More

How dads can help out moms

Having children is such a beautiful experience. It can also be very overwhelming for a first time Mom. This is where Dads can step in and help. Sometimes daddy thinks that because mommy is breastfeeding that he can’t help out. He’ll often sleep through the night while mommy does it all. This is so untrue. […] More

The benefits of sharing family stories with your children

Sharing family stories with your children benefits them in the most positive way! Experimental studies show that when parents learn to reminisce about everyday events and share their family history with their children, those children benefit in many ways. To keep it short and sweet, here are some of the benefits: 1. Children tell richer, […] More

5 signs your kid may be a genius

According to Behavioral Health Specialist about 3 million U.S. kids in grades K-12 are considered gifted. Here are 5 signs on how your kid may be a genius. 1. Your child speaks at a very early age and has a large vocabulary. 2. Your child is an early reader with a preference for advanced topics. […] More

Self Love & Why it’s Important for Mommy

Moms are known for being nurturers. They are so loving and caring. They will encourage their children with positive words and be their strength with her constant reminder of love. She will do anything to ensure her children know they are loved and that they are perfect and can do anything in life they want […] More

What to do when your little ones nap at Disneyland

I love nap time at Disneyland. I call this Mommy time! When my daughter naps,  she can usually sleep around noise. When she’s taking this type of nap I know I can enjoy a few fun things. Shopping or browsing the stores. I can do this at my leisure without my child trying to grab […] More

First Successful trip to the store with baby

Let’s talk about going to the store with your baby alone for the first time! This was very challenging for me. My daughter doesn’t like the car seat. She cry’s and cry’s. I hear of babies loving the car ride and falling asleep, but not my child. So, I usually sit in the back seat […] More

Fun ways to put your baby to sleep

Who says putting your baby to sleep can’t be fun? From early on my daughter has been in a room full of noise. She was born when the Dodgers made it to the World Series, so watching the game at our house with family and friends, she was able to sleep during the cheering, clapping, […] More

Be the best that you can be

Be the best version of yourself. Your life is a journey, YOUR JOURNEY. You will come across people who will cheer you on and you’ll come across people who will put you down. Be that person who will continue to shine and not let the haters affect you. Remember HATERS are people who = Have […] More

Including your young child in simple daily routines

When my daughter was old enough to grab and hold objects I would include her in my make up routine. Almost every time I get ready to go somewhere and decide to actually put on make up I let my daughter pick out which color goes on my lips. Usually it’s whichever she grabs first […] More

Kids get Diabetes too

Diabetes is a cause that hits home for me. It runs in my family and It’s something I try and spread awareness about. Becoming has made me want to spread information on how this disease can affect our children. When kids get type 1 diabetes, (Juvenile Diabetes) it’s because their bodies can’t make insulin anymore. […] More

A daily outing for a stay at home mom

As a stay at home mom I look forward to trips outside the house. Believe it or not, going to pick up the mail from our mail room daily is a fun event for me and my daughter. I live in a gated community that has a centralized mail room and the walk to the […] More

Simple, Easy, Affordable Gift Ideas

Here are 3 simple, fun and easy gift ideas! 1. Baked Goods You can never go wrong with baked goodies! Candy, cookies, cup cakes, pie and much more. Everyone loves yummy treats, you can even throw in some hot chocolate or tea packets too! Whether you put them in boxes, mason jars, bags. These treats […] More

Working Mom vs Stay At Home Mom

Often we hear about how hard it is to be a working mom and also how hard it is to be a Stay at home mom. Here are some short pros and cons for both. 1. Working Mom PROS: Independent woman Makes their own money Get’s to take a break or lunch and actually eat […] More

Cute Pacifiers

I love these! My child doesn’t even like pacifiers. She will not use one, I’ve tried several. BUT, I had to get them when I realized I could customize them and of course I felt like a winner with the $30 discount. My design inspirations are as follows: HOUSE STARK When I saw the wolf, […] More

Mom Brain Moment while baby naps

The other day my daughter was taking a nap. She had been sleeping for over an hour. As she slept, I was getting things done around the house. Of course I use this time to do things I have a hard time doing while she’s awake. Or I use it for a little relaxing me […] More

What solids to feed your baby

As a new mom when it came time to introduce solid foods to my daughter I was a bit lost. I was nervous and sought out help from my mommy friends because I wanted to just ensure I was ‘doing it right’. Little did I know at the time that there is no right way, […] More

Troll Sleep & Play

Someone is loving her new Troll Sleep & Play Bed! ⠀ ⠀ This mama is loving it too! Thank you @deltachildren for gifting us with her first little bed! It was super easy to assemble. I love that it sits on the floor so she can easily climb in and out without me worrying that she will […] More

18 Months practicing shapes

Practice makes perfect! We love practicing our shapes. To practice our shapes we use a Wooden learning puzzle toy. I ask my daughter to hand me a shape to see if she can pick out the correct shape and give it to me. Then I hand them back when we’re done so she can put […] More

First trip to Target alone after baby

Having a baby for the first time completely rocked my world. After giving birth I was attached to this little girl. Loving her, caring for her. she completely consumed me. It was wonderful. As much as I loved every second of this new life I found that it was becoming all that I did. I […] More

Where to take young kids at Disney parks when restless

The nice thing about Disneyland is there are tons of great areas you can take you’re little kids to burn off some energy. On a few of our Mommy Meetups we took our little ones to Goofy’s Playhouse in Toon Town. This allows them to run around and play. It’s a great way to tire […] More

Where and what to eat at Disneyland with little kids

Disneyland is pretty kid friendly and almost anywhere you go for food is kid friendly. Here are my favorite spots. Disneyland Harbor Galley –  It’s just a super nice quiet spot and usually isn’t crowded. It’s near the water and there are usually ducks hanging around which my daughter absolutely loves.  Plaza Inn – Besides […] More