Troll Sleep & Play

Someone is loving her new Troll Sleep & Play Bed! ⠀

This mama is loving it too! Thank you @deltachildren for gifting us with her first little bed! It was super easy to assemble. I love that it sits on the floor so she can easily climb in and out without me worrying that she will fall out and get hurt.

A bonus about the bed is she never wanted to take a nap before, but ever since receiving her new bed, she’s always asking if it’s nap time! My baby looks like a big girl in her big girl bed. ⠀

It get’s better. This bed can be used as a Ball Pit, how fun is that! What a perfect time to add more fun in the home.⠀

It was so easy to set up and it’s so light we can move it from room to room easily.  Which makes turning it into a ball pit super easy.

Emma loves playing in here. When she sees the ball pit, she runs to her play area and jumps in with the balls. I’ll admit, I jump in and play too!

You can purchase this bed on the website at  Delta Children Troll Sleep & Play 

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