Where and what to eat at Disneyland with little kids

Disneyland is pretty kid friendly and almost anywhere you go for food is kid friendly. Here are my favorite spots.


  1. Harbor Galley –  It’s just a super nice quiet spot and usually isn’t crowded. It’s near the water and there are usually ducks hanging around which my daughter absolutely loves. 
  2. Plaza Inn – Besides the obvious that they have the MOST AMAZING Fried Chicken, their outside dining is really great. I can usually find a spot away from others near the bush edges. The enclosing also stops my little one from venturing off.
  3. Anywhere with outside sitting seems to work best for us. We do try and AVOID places like Blue Bayou. We have eaten there before with our daughter and she did really well, but it’s not always promised that she’ll be good, so we just try not to disrupt other park goers nice dinners.

California Adventure

  1. Pacific Wharf – So many options and the outside seating can be great if you can find a nice spot away from everyone.
  2. Flo’s – This place is a gem. I love sitting all the way in the back, it’s usually empty and you can watch people walking by the main street in cars land too. It’s great for taking your child when they’re napping or if you want to get work done on your laptop. Definitely a favorite spot for me.
  3. I would definitely try to avoid places like Carthay Circle. I know we’ll probably try to take our little one on a next trip, but we usually save those for Mommy & Daddy Dates!

I’ll try and update this more as I come across or remember more spots!

What do you think?

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