Where to take young kids at Disney parks when restless

The nice thing about Disneyland is there are tons of great areas you can take you’re little kids to burn off some energy.

  1. On a few of our Mommy Meetups we took our little ones to Goofy’s Playhouse in Toon Town. This allows them to run around and play. It’s a great way to tire them out. Sometimes it can be a bit crowded, but if it is, that’s ok, there’s many more spots to visit. Other spots in Toon Town are fun too!
  2. Another favorite spot I like to take my daughter is Redwood Creek Challenge Trails in Disney California Adventure. This spot is a fun place for Mamas to have “Mommy juice” while the kids run and play.
  3. Tom Sawyers Island is another great spot. There is so much space and fun things for the kids to do to help the little ones burn that energy.
  4. The walk way behind Grizzly River Run is nice. It’s not really crowded and the kids love watching the waterfall on the bridge. So it’s definitely a nice area for them to walk around at.
  5. There is a lot of space  near It’s a small world at Disneyland, that is a great spot for running around as well. Kids don’t need much, just space.
  6. The entry way right before Main Street at Disneyland is also a good area to let the little ones explore.
  7. Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge – There is so much space here, that just walking into the land is a great to let your kiddies walk around.

I’ve found that just by looking around I’ll find a nice secluded corner or area that is perfect. These hidden gems are all around the park!

What do you think?

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