First trip to Target alone after baby

Having a baby for the first time completely rocked my world.

After giving birth I was attached to this little girl. Loving her, caring for her. she completely consumed me. It was wonderful. As much as I loved every second of this new life I found that it was becoming all that I did. I never went anywhere without her. The attachment on my part was and still is very real.

Around 3 months after my daughter was born I was finally starting to feel a bit stir crazy. I wanted to just get away by myself. I could feel that my mind and soul needed a little self love or me time. It was then that I decided to take my first trip to the store alone. When I say my first trip, I mean my first successful trip. I did try to venture out alone after a month and a half, but I had so much separation anxiety and even driving alone felt weird. It was way too much, too soon and a very unsuccessful attempt. (More on that story here)

On this day I was ready to venture out alone and I did it! Of course out of all the places to go I chose Target. I ended up taking this video on my trip because I was super excited. I also went a little crazy shopping my cart was pretty full. Thankfully the Mr. was completely ok with my shopping spree and actually encouraged it.

The nicest part wasn’t all the shopping I did. I could have come home empty handed and it would have been an amazing trip. I just walked down EVERY isle, taking my time looking at things. It just felt really nice to do that.

I really encourage any Mommy who needs a little break to take it. You absolutely DESERVE IT! Especially you NEW Mommies, I know from my experience it’s a completely new world and can sometimes knock you off your feet. Even just an hour of alone time can help you find peace of mind. It’s super important to make sure you take care of yourself. As always if you ever need to talk to another Mommy I’m always here.

Here’s the video of my outing

What do you think?

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