Easy, fun toy ideas out of TP rolls

I wanted to share our fun homemade toys we made out of toilet paper rolls. Yes, you read that right! We used a bunch of toilet paper rolls to create some of my daughters favorite toys

1. First we have Baby Shark! My daughter is obsessed with Baby Shark right now so this was first on our list.

2. Next we have Dinosaur. She loves dinosaurs, so this was a fun one to make too.

3. Binoculars are a must! This was fun because she was able to decorate her binoculars before I put them together.

4. Monster Truck, because yes she loves them.

5. I thought bowling pins would be a fun thing to make. I made sure to make them different colors with numbers so she could practice her numbers and colors. 

Here is a video of her enjoying her new TP homemade toys!

What do you think?

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