The 7 Positives I found during Quarantine

When most people think of the word ‘Quarantine’ they associate it with a lot of negative feelings. Although this experience has had it’s lows, I think it’s had some positives too. It’s made a lot of people take a deeper look at themselves. I know that I did. 

I’m glad I had to dig a bit deeper into who I am and really look at how I was and how I want to live my life. Some really good things came out ‘Quarantine’ and I think we shouldn’t lose them again.  

We took advantages of the little everyday things that we should appreciate. If anything this was a huge wake up call to slow down and appreciate life. 

  1. Going to Church on Sunday to feed your soul. Obtaining the eucharist for me is something I still miss. I did however find my relationship with the lord increasing. How amazing it is to grow your relationship with God during these trying times. If anything I think this was a huge reminder that the Lord is our Shepard, I shall not want. there’s nothing This was probably the hugest gift I received from the Quarantine. Psalm 23. 
  2. I smiled at seeing families together. We’re always so busy in life that family members are often coming and going, but now were actually taking the time to bond together. This made us hug the ones we could just a little bit tighter. It made us want to hug those we couldn’t see as tight as we could the next time we saw them. If we got that chance to see them. For me that would have been my Grandpa, but I never got that chance since Covid-19 took his life. Appreciate your loved ones. 
  3. This was a test for Mental Health. A huge life changing event that we’ve been going through there, definitely had an impact on everyone’s mental state. It’s been wonderful seeing so many people advocate mental health. I’ve never seen so many people talk about doing things to improve their mental health. This is such a beautiful thing. I know I started to incorporate regular routines to improve my mental health and for that I am thankful. 
  4. The simple act of being outside grew. Many people including myself were taking walks with their families outside. Going on hikes or to the park. This feeling of appreciating the outside air and nature was increased. Exercising became a regular thing for people who did not have this in their normal routine. How wonderful it felt to make time to work on our physical health. In my book, that is a huge win.
  5. Strolling through the grocery store or any store to obtain the things we need or want was no longer a daily task. These things were now a luxury. How nice it felt to go up and down an isle of a store and just look at things. 
  6. A lot of people picked up new hobby’s or found talents they didn’t even know they had.  Always on the go in life with work and constant activities we don’t have time to explore all that we are. What a great way to continue to grow who we are. 
  7. Going to a restaurant, a sporting event, a concert, traveling around the world. I think these things we’re missed the most. How amazing it was to change these up though. Think about it, cooking more homemade meals. Having your kids put on a concert in the living room. Taking family road trips out to see nature. These are some things I thought were way more rewarding. I still miss traveling around the world, but what a way to be reminded that I’ve got some amazing sites right around me. 

 There’s a reason for the order of my list above.  If I’ve learned anything it’s what’s truly important in life.  I think we should all take the positives that we’ve gained through this. Appreciate life, appreciate one another, and continue to grow with goodness and love in our hearts. 

What do you think?

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