5 things I do to help my mental health

Our Mental health is so important. Many times we can get so overwhelmed with life and especially motherhood that we start to fall apart mentally. It’s so important for us to work on maintaining a healthy state of mind.

You’re going to have bad days and that’s ok. Some days you’ll want to scream at the top of your lungs because you’ve reached your limit. Some days you’ll want to lock yourself in your room and cry your eyes out. It’s ok to feel frustrated, angry, or sad. Just make sure you find a healthy out lit. Do not let yourself fall into that rabbit hole. Too many horrible things can happen when you get stuck there. Depression, anxiety or panic attacks.

In this time of social distancing we are all experiencing the highs and lows of the situation. We all have different battles that we fight everyday. I’d like to share my  experience of reaching the point to where I was having anxiety/panic attacks. This was extremely scary. I knew I had to reach out for help.  I reached out to a therapist for help as I knew it was so important to be physically and mentally healthy and strong for my baby girl. Thankfully it worked. 

Here are a list of things I now do to help my mental health on a regular basis.

  1. When I get overwhelmed and find myself falling into the rabbit hole, I’ve started to take a step back and feed my spirit. Whether this is reading the bible, listening to a spiritual podcast, etc. I find that feeding my spirit allows me to let go of what I cannot control. Which helps return me to a healthy state of mind. I also use the Hallow App. It’s such a great app.
  2. Exercising does wonders for me. When I find myself unmotivated, sad, leaning towards a depressed state of mind, I make myself exercise. Usually a good jog will do the trick. I think it’s partly because you release endorphins when you exercise. Which leaves you feeling happy. I end up feeling good mentally and physically.
  3. Doing something that I enjoy. Whether it’s a bath and book. Binging a favorite show while sipping on wine, with no distractions. Even being able to sit down and write poetry or song lyrics. These things bring me joy and just allowing myself to do the things I love does wonders for my mental health.
  4. The Calm App. It’s an app to help with mindful practices. This one was recommended by my therapist. There are other apps that help do this as well.
  5. Talking about my negative feelings. When I feel upset, sad, etc. I used to hold those feelings inside and it was literally eating me up inside. Now I reach out and discuss my feelings. This helps me identify what led to those negative feelings. It’s such a comfort knowing that you can count on someone to listen and be reminded that your feelings are valid.

I Hope this helps anyone who needs it. Remember if you’re feeling too low reach out for help. There’s nothing wrong with seeking the help you need to be better for yourself and your loved ones. Do not be ashamed because the truth is we could all use some help. Remember you can reach out to me if you’re looking for someone to just listen.⠀

As you know by now, I’m all for helping mamas out. So if you have any tips to share that you do to help your mental health, please share with me as I’d love to add them to the list for other mamas!

I know it can be hard sometimes, but be kind to others and be kind to yourself. Sending all the love and positive energy and prayers to you. ⠀

“Lord please watch over and protect everyone. Especially those who are struggling mentally and need your love so much right now. Help them find peace of mind so they can overcome their struggles and live each day with a happy heart. Lord hear our prayers. We love and thank you lord for all that you do. Amen. ⠀

What do you think?

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