Little Picky Eaters

I’ve been struggling with a picky eater, that’s for sure.

Who knew that a child could go from absolutely loving a food to not wanting it at all. For example, my child ate 1-2 scrambled eggs every morning. She would ask me for eggs. Then one morning she didn’t touch her egg, she wanted no part of it. The next couple of days, all the same, did not, would not touch it. Then she asked me for eggs so I thought ok, she’s back and she didn’t eat them.

So we’ve been struggling a bit, and I reached out to my mama friends. Thankfully they we’re really helpful and I wanted to pass these on to you in case you have a picky eater.

Some food items that other picky eaters, seem to really enjoy

  1. Chicken nuggets. We did find a great brand at Costco. Yummy Dino Buddies. These are chicken raised with NO antibiotics, made with only white mean, 700mg omega-3. The coating is very thin, not like the super thick fry coating at most fast food restaurants.
  2. Grilled Cheese or Quesadilla. Some mommies add tomato & avocado or meat. I tried this but she took them out. She loved the plain grilled cheese & quesadilla though.
  3. Pizza. A great way to sneak veggies on top. She’ll usually eat the tomato & mushrooms but take off anything else on the pizza.
  4. Mac n Cheese w/bread. My little one loves bread. All types of bread she’ll eat, she will not eat the Mac n cheese. She tried it once but spits it out. But we’ll try it again as these littles always change their mind.
  5. Hot dogs. I’ll cut up the hot dog without the bun. If I give the bun she’ll eat that only first. So I just give cut up hot dogs and she eats them.
  6. Smoothies with veggies or oatmeal mixed in. Depending on the mix my little with drink it all up, or not want it at all.
  7. Fruits. Yes, all kind of fruits my little one loves.
  8. Ham/cheese or pb&j sandwhiches are a hit and miss with us too. She either loves them or doesn’t touch them.
  9. Miso soup & sopita are her favorites too. I’ve also heard other mommies say these work for their picky eaters too.

I’ll continue to add items that may help you feed your little one as I come by them. If you have one that works like a charm, please message me and let me know!

I think for me the mystery that will never be solved, is why they love a food and then hate it. It’s so weird to me. If you have the answer to this mystery, please also let me know!

What do you think?

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