Creative ways to teach your kids

As a mom of a toddler, I try my best to help her growing process.  I’m constantly trying to find creative ways to teach her things like numbers, shapes, letters, colors, etc. I recently found the most amazing tool and I have to share it with you!

Chakola recently gifted me with a 40 chalk marker box as well as a chalkboard. These chalk markers are amazing. I knew I immediately wanted to use them as a learning tool for my daughter. I used the fun colors and drew different shapes on the chalkboard. I wanted to have my daughter point at the shapes I call out to her. She loved it! What I like about this is we can keep adding shapes, because I just have to draw them. Here’s a video below of us practicing our shapes.

My daughter also loves to draw, so you know she wanted to get her hands on the markers and chalkboard asap. I set it up for her to draw and she had so much fun. She now asks me everyday if she can “color, color”.  Now you might think, no way, she’s going to use those markers all over the place. Well I do monitor her when she’s using the markers. A huge plus is she absolutely LOVES the chalkboard. She thinks it’s so great, so she does tend to stick to drawing on it. We did have one slip where she wrote on the floor before I could stop her. But, that’s what’s so amazing, the marker just wiped right off. You know this Mommy was so excited about that. Here’s my little Picasso in action.

I have so many other activities for us to do, as well as some personal projects for myself. I can’t wait to show you the outcome when we’re done. So if you’re looking for art supplies, I definitely recommend Chalkola. Make sure to use my discount code VALERIEG10 to save 10% off your order.

Some other great things to note about this product especially as a mama, is that it’s Child Safe, Water based, Non Toxic, Washes off from clothes, low odor, acid free, xylene free, quick dry and long lasting.  You can find out more information on their website at

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