Device Dependency

Device dependency wasn’t a topic for me, until I broke my phone. It’s eye opening. I never realized how much a part of my life my cell phone was.

Not having a cell phone for 6 days made see things differently and although I miss my phone and can’t wait to have it back, there are some things I want to change when I do get it back.

A lot of the time we aren’t truly in the moment. We are constantly on our phones trying to ‘capture’ the moment for social media, that we aren’t truly present 100%. It’s a different level of emotions, feelings and experience when you detach completely. I found that I would like to detach more and give my life moments and the people in them more attention by being fully present. When I think back to key memorable moments in my life, I realize that I actually don’t have them captured on camera. They are in my memory and my soul. I think it’s important to not lose site of that.

I think what I took away from not having a phone as well was that I could accomplish so much when I’m not glued to a screen. I think I want to use this as a guide to limit myself to online phone usage when I can and to actually take action and do the things I need to do.

So although I was so sad when my phone broke, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It helped me center myself and focus on what’s important. I think I needed that because it’s really easy to get lost in technology these days.

So I hope you enjoy your devices but don’t forget to detach, breathe and appreciate the small things when you can.

What do you think?

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