What to do when your little ones nap at Disneyland

I love nap time at Disneyland. I call this Mommy time! When my daughter naps,  she can usually sleep around noise. When she’s taking this type of nap I know I can enjoy a few fun things.

  1. Shopping or browsing the stores. I can do this at my leisure without my child trying to grab everything in the store. It’s so nice to do this and really check out the merchandise while not being distracted.
  2. Eat & Drink. Sometimes this is just a perfect time for me to enjoy some food in peace. Or simply having a nice relaxing alcoholic beverage. (If I’m at California Adventure) If you’re a mom you definitely know what a treasure that can be.
  3. Re-organize diaper back and prep for her next meal when she wakes up. Sometimes things can get messy while going through our day so it’s nice to get things back in order ready for the next part of the day.

Now if my daughter is being sensitive that day and needs quiet to nap, then I usually find a quiet spot away from crowds to eat lunch or re-organize. I’ll avoid stores or anywhere a parade or other loud noises might occur.

  1. One of my favorite quiet lunch spots is the seating area in the back at Harbor Galley. It’s just a super nice quiet spot and the scenery is great. 
  2. Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is a nice spot. It’s so spacious that finding a quiet spot is pretty easy there too.

There are other spots around the parks when you’re searching for quiet, you just need to find them. I’ll try and update this blog with more spots as I remember them!

What do you think?

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