First Successful trip to the store with baby

Let’s talk about going to the store with your baby alone for the first time!

This was very challenging for me. My daughter doesn’t like the car seat. She cry’s and cry’s. I hear of babies loving the car ride and falling asleep, but not my child. So, I usually sit in the back seat with her and try to sooth her when we go places while daddy drives.

But, I really wanted to venture out on our own without having to wait for daddy to take us somewhere. The first time I tried this, I broke down and cried. I was filled with so much anxiety. I drove like 5 minutes and she was crying her little heart out in the back. I felt so bad and I felt so guilty for wanting to go to the store with her alone. I felt like I was being selfish and making her suffer for my own pleasure. I ended up quickly turning around and going home after 5 minutes. When I returned home, I gave my daughter to my fiance and broke down crying. I was so upset.

I was still determined to do this though and not ready to give up yet. So one day I decided it was time to try again. We went to Target and she was quiet on the drive there. She actually ended up falling asleep on the drive! I was super excited since this never happens. Once we get to the store, I put her car seat in the stroller and went shopping. After a while shopping she woke up, but was being really good.

Feeling empowered by this, I decided we were going to try a second store. Off we went to Kohls. Kohls is just 5 minutes away from Target so I figured we could do it. We were almost at the store and she started getting fussy and crying. Since we were so close, I continued on. We made it and all was great. She no longer wanted to be in the car seat though. So I was unable to transfer her to the stroller, she was not having it. Luckily I brought her Ergo Baby carrier. I put her in the carrier and into the store we went. She was so good once again.

After this store, I decided she had been so great that it was time to go ahead and go home. I would have liked to go to a few more stores but I wasn’t going to push it. On the drive home, she fell asleep again.

I returned home, feeling so proud of our first outing alone. I of course had to just tell you all about it in a video!

Now I need tips for having a successful Toddler outing! Please share your tips with me!

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