Fun ways to put your baby to sleep

Who says putting your baby to sleep can’t be fun? From early on my daughter has been in a room full of noise. She was born when the Dodgers made it to the World Series, so watching the game at our house with family and friends, she was able to sleep during the cheering, clapping, etc. This actually made it easier for us to take her out in public and still allowed her to nap.

Music! We love all types of music in our house. There are many times we love to listen to music while cooking up a delicious dinner. If I noticed my daughter getting tired, I was able to put her in her carrier and start dancing with her. Within minutes of dancing with mommy she was fast asleep.

Here’s a clip of Mommy and Emma Dancing to sleep

What fun ways do you put your little ones to sleep? I love trying out new things and am always interested in what other Mommies do!

What do you think?

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