Self Love & Why it’s Important for Mommy

Moms are known for being nurturers. They are so loving and caring. They will encourage their children with positive words and be their strength with her constant reminder of love. She will do anything to ensure her children know they are loved and that they are perfect and can do anything in life they want to. But who is reminding mom that she is loved and perfect and can do anything in life she wants to?

It’s important for moms to put as much effort into their own self care/self love as they do their child. It’s important to remember that you are all those amazing things you tell your child. Showing by example is one of the best lessons to be taught. So be the example.

How do I self love myself?

1. Physical Self Love

Exercise and eating healthy is one of the best ways to work on loving yourself. Not only do you physically feel better when you look at yourself, but exercise releases endorphins which can give you a positive, energizing outlook on life.

2. Mental Self Love

Think about yourself in a positive way. What are your strengths. Remind yourself of all your good qualities. ‘I’m a great nurturer, I’m a fabulous cook, I’m very creative, I’m really smart, etc.’ Whatever the case may be think of all the wonderful things you are and continue to grow on that. Accept yourself for who you are.

3. Hands on Self Love

Treat yourself to things you enjoy. Whether it’s spa day, shopping spree, brunch with friends, sitting at a beach alone reading a book, etc. It’s okay to treat yourself to things you enjoy without feeling guilty. A happier you = A happier you for your family. Don’t be afraid to shine. Remember you ARE the example.

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