How dads can help out moms

Having children is such a beautiful experience. It can also be very overwhelming for a first time Mom. This is where Dads can step in and help.

  1. Sometimes daddy thinks that because mommy is breastfeeding that he can’t help out. He’ll often sleep through the night while mommy does it all. This is so untrue. Here are some tips!
    • The support of a spouse waking up and helping mom out is one of the most emotional supports you can give. Just being awake and in the moment helps.
    • Dads can also do little things like moving a blanket or give mom a massage.
    • Change the babies diaper before or after mom feeds depending on the routine.
    • A man can do skin to skin too. After mommy feeds try taking the baby to do some skin to skin before placing back to bed, allowing mommy to sleep a bit more. This creates more bonding time for dad and more much needed sleep for mommy.
    • If mommy insists you sleep through the night, then the next morning is your time to shine. When the baby wakes up and after mommy feeds, insist that she goes back to sleep while you take charge. You stay up with the baby while mom get’s more shut eye.
  2. Take the initiative! Most Dads will wait until Mom asks for help. Try looking at the clues and offering help before Mom even has the chance to ask.
    • It’s noon and you see Mommy still in her pajamas. Chances are she hasn’t found time to take a shower yet. Time to swoop in and Insist she take a shower while you watch the baby. It’s a amazing how a simple shower lasting longer than 5 minutes will rejuvenate anyone.
    • Mom is cooking dinner and the baby begins to fuss. You can watch the baby allowing mommy to finish cooking or take over cooking duties while mom attends to the baby. You may want to ask her which she prefers. Some women would rather attend the baby, while others enjoy a little break from the baby and look forward to cooking.
  3. Share in the cleaning duties. Some super moms will try and do it all. And although they mean well, they secretly appreciate when you jump in and help.
    • Whether it’s dishes, laundry, vacuuming, even just taking out the trash when it’s full without being asked is a great help. Teamwork is best work.
  4. Promote Self Love. It’s important that mommy continues to take time for herself. Encourage her to continue working on her.
    • Whether she wants to go for a run, walk around the mall, get a hair cut, mani & pedi, or take a bubble bath. Be there to help her incorporate these little things into her daily routine. Remind & Insist that she doesn’t forget about herself.
  5. Your love! It’s important to remind Mommy how loved she is. A woman who feels loved can be indestructible.
    • Tell her and show her!

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