Working Mom vs Stay At Home Mom

Often we hear about how hard it is to be a working mom and also how hard it is to be a Stay at home mom. Here are some short pros and cons for both.

1. Working Mom


  1. Independent woman
  2. Makes their own money
  3. Get’s to take a break or lunch and actually eat there meal
  4. Get’s to use the restroom alone
  5. Interaction and conversations with other adults


  1. Miss children
  2. Miss some big life moments of the children
  3. Anxiety of trusting someone else to care for your children
  4. Anxiety of trusting someone else to teach your children
  5. Have to still to housework once getting home from work

2. Stay At Home Mom


  1. Spends bonding time with children
  2. Can experience big life moments that the children have
  3. Being the one to nurture and care for your children and ensure they are cared for the way you want them to be
  4. Being the one to teach your children, being a big part of their development and growth


  1. Relying on your partner to bring in sufficient income to support you and your children
  2. Never get’s a break or a chance to finish a meal
  3. Never get’s to use the restroom alone
  4. Misses out on interaction and conversations with other adults
  5. Has to still manage housework while watching the children 24/7

These are just some pros on cons we know there are many more and no matter which category you fall in, it doesn’t matter. We are all moms who love our children, who want the best for our children and we’re all doing the best we can. No competition, comparisons or judgements here.

Want to add to the lists above? Share with us and we’ll update our blog as we just want to provide as much info as possible.

What do you think?

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