Before I was a Mom vs Now

Who knew that all the tales you heard from moms were true!

I’ll be the first to admit, before I was a mom I thought a lot of stories were exaggerations. I thought I knew it all and that I’d be the ‘perfect mom’. Boy oh boy was wrong!

I spoke all of the typical responses. I’m sure you’re familiar. Let me tell you, boy was I clueless! You think you know it all, you think you have it all figured out and then boom, you actually have a child. I soon found out, I can’t control another human. Your child is a human with their own feelings and personality and you can’t control that. So here is how these typical responses have turned out for me so far.

  1. My kids will never throw tantrums in public
    • I actually haven’t had a chance to really experience this one yet due to the pandemic this year. There hasn’t been much opportunity, but I’m sure it’ll happen and I’ll update this!
  2. My kids will know who’s boss
    • What does this really even mean ?‍♀️
  3. My kids are going to be perfect and do everything I say
    • There is no such thing as perfect.  I can tell my daughter to pick up her toy and bring it to me and she’ll laugh and run to the next room.
  4. I will never feed my kids fast food or give them junk food or candy
    • Yup, there’s been times like our recent road trip, we were stopping for fast food and she had a kiddie meal. Or times when I baked cookies and she got to have one.
  5. My kid will not co sleep and will sleep in their own bed all through the night
    • My daughter has never slept through the night. She always ends up in my bed. I actually love when she cuddles up close and goes back to sleep next to me.
  6. My kid will be potty trained before they’re 1yrs old
    • Kids will be potty trained on their own time. It’s not a race. Every child is different.
  7. Oh my gosh did you see that kid in the store with that mom, my kid will never act that way.
    • Never judge a mom on how her child acts in public. Little kids will throw a tantrum over their socks being blue and not white. I so feel compassion for these mamas now! omg, I so get it!!
  8. Did you see the way that kid is dressed, my kid will never go out in public like that.
    • Once again, kids can be stubborn and many times they just want to wear what they want to wear. My daughter will sometimes wear shorts, a pajama shirt and her yellow rainboots and ya know what, sometimes I’m like hey, that’s cool, be you baby boo.
  9. My kid will be speaking complete clear sentences before 2yrs old
    • Kids will talk and learn at different speeds. Most 3 year olds talk baby talk or have trouble pronouncing words, so do not expect your child to talk like an adult by the time their 2. Let them grow and learn. Practice these things with them. My daughter is almost 2 and she calls milk “Guh”
  10. I’ll never let my kid watch Tv or an Ipad
    • My daughter watches sesame street, daniel, tiger, luna, dave & ava and a bunch of movies on disney+. She doesn’t like car rides and also watches elmo on long car rides to keep her from melting down.

You may think you know it all when it comes to having children, but you don’t know until you have children. One thing I’ve learned most is that Moms are amazing humans. They do so much, so DO NOT mom bash. BE KIND. I learned motherhood is the most rewarding job I’ve ever had and the most hardest. But I love every minute of it and am so glad to be a mom.

Also Mamas, there is no one right way to do things when it comes to raising kids. There are various ways. As long as you love your child and doing your best, that’s all that matters! You got this Mama!

What do you think?

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