How a Sesame Street shelf helped my daughter clean up

My Daughter loves Sesame Street! Which I love because it’s super educational.

She doesn’t however like picking up her toys. She loves to play but her Sesame Street toys are all over the floor most days.

So how awesome was it, when I was gifted a Sesame Street Book shelf from @Deltachildren It is so amazing and here is why.

  1. She loves the shelf, points at all the characters all the time
  2. It’s the cutest shelf, super adorable
  3. It’s very well made. It’s wood and a very sturdy wood at that
  4. It’s super easy to assemble. I put it together in like 15 minutes.
  5. BONUS: My daughter likes to put her toys on the shelf when she’s done playing. This means no more toys all over the floor. It totally helped her want to clean up!

This is a must have! Delta Children has so many cute things to buy. I am happy with everything I’ve received so far. Make sure to check them out:

What do you think?

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