Mom Brain Moment while baby naps

The other day my daughter was taking a nap. She had been sleeping for over an hour. As she slept, I was getting things done around the house. Of course I use this time to do things I have a hard time doing while she’s awake. Or I use it for a little relaxing me time.

As I’m cleaning the television finally catches my attention. I realize I’ve had the television on the cartoon channel the entire time she’s been asleep. I usually put on one of my shows while I have the chance and nope, not today. When I realize this, I change the channel to something I like and started to fold laundry while I watched my show. Sure enough 5 minutes in, she wakes up!

I couldn’t help laugh at myself, feeling like I totally spaced out and dropped the ball on my TV time. Mommy brain fart or is this just a part of Mom Life? Either way I’d love to hear some of your Brain fart moments, please feel free to share so I know I’m not alone. Trust me you’re not alone!

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