Fun Toddler Trike

Let me tell you about this fun 5 in 1 Trike we got for our daughter. Believe me when I say she wants to ride it everyday and just absolutely loves it.

She can’t quite reach the petals yet, our petite little girl, so we still have the foot platform installed. We do let her control the steering while we monitor with the push bar in case we have to take over. During these hot summer days, we have the canopy on to keep her shaded too! It’s perfect for my daily walk and her daily ride.

I can’t wait til she can reach the petals and we remove the foot platform. I know she’s just going to love to petal. Of course after she masters that, we can remove the push bar and let her ride her Trike all by herself. That’s what I love the most about this 5 in one, is that it adapts as she grows.

Two features I really love about this as well is the tray on the push bar. I can put my keys, phone, or drink while we’re out and about. Makes it super convenient. The mini bucket on the back is perfect to put her snacks and toys. She of course loves putting things in and taking them out of the bucket too.

I’m extremely happy with this purchase for sure! Thank you Amazon!

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