Ideas on How To Play With Your Kids

It’s important for parents to play with their kids. Here are some fun & beneficial playing ideas!

  1. Horsing Around – Many Kids all ages, especially boys, like to wrestle, smaller kids like to play chase such as ‘I’m gonna get you’. They Like to jump all over you, love when you toss them in the air. This is great fun physical fun for both child and parent. Just remember to be careful and not get too rough! But yes it’s healthy to horse around with your kids
  2. Sport It Up – Kids love sports, baseball, football, basketball, almost anything with a ball. Spend time playing a game with them. Not only will you both have a great time, you can teach them fundamentals of the game as well as having good sportsmanship, which will come in handy as they interact with other children.
  3. Board Games/Online Games – These games are great learning tools. Plus you get to exercise both of your minds. Getting Smarter, Having Fun, and of course ‘good sportsmanship’. Kids really need to learn this!
  4. Imagination Games – These are great because they can work the mind & body. Letting your children explore their imagination will help make them dream. Getting their creative side flowing allows them to be more well rounded.
  5. Watch a Movie, Listen To Music, Read a Book, Or Do a Craft/Project together– You can make a game out of these activies. “Every time, Dori forgets something, I tickle you” , “When the chorus comes on, we have to shout it out loud, ‘Let it goooo, Let it goooo’” These things are Great for bonding.

If you like doing crafts here are some great ideas to do with your kid!

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