4 of the best toys for babies and toddlers

Buying toys for your little ones can be fun but a bit pricey. What if I told you that most children will toss aside the expensive toy and rather play with something you may already have at home.

That’s right! Save your money and try out these items instead. If you don’t believe me, put them in front of your child and let them decide.

1. Towel rolls

You’d be surprised on just how much fun your little ones will have with these. Rolling and banging them around. Even children a little older enjoy using things for crafts. My daughter likes to use them as binoculars or she likes to sing in it since since the sound comes out different.

2. Empty tissue box

This fun item many kids like to put their hands or feet inside the opening. It’s also great for motor skills. Putting other toys inside and taking them outside of the box.

3. Big Empty Box

Who doesn’t love a BIG empty box. You can pretend it’s a car, a house, a playpen. Children will come up with all kind of ideas on how to use this box. Imagination is the door to creativity!

4. Empty Water Bottle

One of my favorites! They will hold it, shake it, bang it, try and eat it. Babies love the sound it makes. Toddlers love when you add rice or beans inside and make it a homemade rattler. Just be sure to watch them with the cap. My daughter will try and take the cap off because she’s so curious.  I keep an extra eye out when she has a water bottle in case she successfully gets the top off and puts it in her mouth. If you’re too nervous about potential choking hazard do not let them play with a water bottle.

There are many more items that your kids will love that you may have laying around the house. Try them out and let us know what works for you! We’ll add more to our list as we come across them!

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