3 Ways to help family and friends with Covid-19

Many of our family and friends are becoming infected with Covid-19. Some have very little symptoms and some we have lost. With such a contagious virus, it can be a scary feeling of wanting to help, but not wanting to get sick ourselves. So how can you help a loved one when they get Covid-19?

Here are some things you can do to help someone with Covid-19:

  1. Check in on them – Call, text, private message them. This does 2 things, it lets you know how they’re doing and it lets them know you care. We feel bad enough when we’re sick, it’s a nice feeling to know someone out there cares about you.
  2. Food or Care Packages – When we’re sick, the last thing we’re thinking about is cooking a meal. In most cases we don’t even want to eat but we need to. Taking prepped meals or ordering contactless delivery for them is a great way to help. You can even leave them a care package of items that may help them. You can easily text them to let them know you’ve left the items on their porch. This does 3 things, it let’s you help them by feeding them, It helps them have food without doing the work for it and it lets them know you care.
  3. Prayers – Call on yourself and your fellow prayer warriors to pray for them, call and pray with them. Prayer goes a long way.

These are just 3 small things you can do to help your loved ones who have Covid-19. There are more ways to help depending on the person who is sick. Do they have pets or children they need help caring for? Find your way to help. A little can go a long way.

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