Including your young child in simple daily routines

When my daughter was old enough to grab and hold objects I would include her in my make up routine. Almost every time I get ready to go somewhere and decide to actually put on make up I let my daughter pick out which color goes on my lips. Usually it’s whichever she grabs first and holds on to for a few seconds. I see her eyes light up as she get’s really excited.

I also do this with her outfits for the day or pajamas at night. I display 2 out and tell her to pick one. Which ever she grabbed first would be the choice. I felt like this was fun for both of us.

Now my daughter is almost 2 and I am trying to continue to do this. Although sometimes it can get a little challenging. With the lipsticks I actually don’t do it as much because now she wants to put them on herself. When I do let her pick a lipstick for me, I have to pretend to put it on her too.

Outfits are so much easier. If I give her 2 Outfits to choose from she see’s them and immediately picks one out. I did try holding her up to the closet so she could pick any outfit, but I had to stop this because she started picking out the SAME outfits every time. I’ve also had to hide the yellow rain boots because she wants to wear these with everything, everyday. It can be 100 degree weather and she wants to wear these boots.

Do you include your little one in simple daily tasks? If so, what do you do?  I’d love to add more to our routine and am all ears!

What do you think?

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