6 Summer Hacks, that will make life easier this summer

Summer time is upon us, and if you’re anything like me you love to be out in the sun. Whether it’s the beach, camping, pool side, having a BBQ, or on a trip with your family. Here are my top 10 Summer hacks that make life for you and your family a little bit easier.

1. Beach – Take a fitted sheet to keep the sand out. This makes a really great area for babies to play in as well as keeps the sand away while you dry off.

2. Camping – Organize your camping gear. Whether it’s for kitchenware, food, flashlights, lighters, It’s great to be organized and having your gear in one location, makes it easier for everyone to locate. No more losing items asking, who has the lighter.

3. BBQ – When you’re fixing up burgers, hot dogs, make the cleaning up after easier. Instead of having to wash 6 different dishes, use a cupcake holder to place the condiments. This way you only have 1 dish to do at the end of the day!

4. Travel – When you’re traveling with kids and there is no lid for their cup. Use a plastic wrap and make any cup into a safe sealed cup. Less spills the better!

5. Sunburn – As you know it’s important to keep covered in the blazing sun. Make sure to wear your sunscreen, wear a hat, or bring an umbrella. Even though you take precaution, sometimes during all the fun you forget and get burned. So make some Aloe Vera ice cubes and keep them handy, just in case you need to soothe your sunburn instantly.

6. Poolside – This hack is great when you don’t want to jump in and out of the pool. But be careful of children who might spill in the pool. Keep an eye on the little ones. The floating ice chest is a great idea!

What do you think?

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