Here’s some feedback from some amazing mommies on their own experiences. Hopefully they help you find answers.

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How can I get my baby to sleep through the night

Answer: Swaddle or a sleep romper helps. ~Mommyrara

Answer: A Routine. Depending on the age make sure they are well fed before bed. About 1 hour before bed time, start to shut down the tv, lights, and anything that can stimulate them. I always still do a warm bath with lavender scented body wash. This helps to sooth. Since my daughter was born I put SmoothJazz on and she automatically knows it’s time for bed.  ~MommyD

Can I still breastfeed when I'm sick

Answer: Of course! The antibodies in the breast milk will help. ~Mommyrara

Answer: Breast milk is so good for out babies it can help them fight off a cold. ~MommyD

Answer: Yes! Babies can’t catch your sickness from your breast milk. They will however receive the antibodies that will actually help them from getting sick. Keep on breastfeeding mamas! ~Mommy Val

What can I do for teething

Answer: Frozen wash cloths or Frozen fruits in a mesh pacifier. ~Mommyrara

Answer: Blend favorite fruits and veggies and make popsicles out of them. It’s fun for them plus it soothes the pain while tasting good.  ~MommyD

Answer: For teething we would put her teethers in the freezer. This worked ok, but they do thaw quickly. Frozen fruits in the mesh pacifier lasted longer. We also gave her tylenol when she had a fever from teething. ~MommyVal

How do I handle separation anxiety

Answer: Before leaving discuss with your child that you’ll be right back and they are in good hands. It hurts your heart at first but it get easier.  You and the little one need time apart. Tell yourself too that it’s ok! It helps to reset. Me time! I also In the beginning, when I went back to work I used a lovey that was made by the NICU. A fabric doll that i kept close to me so it would keep my smell. I would leave that with my son when I would leave him with my mom while I went to work. ~Mommyrara

Answer: Separation anxiety for me was hard. I had to learn to trust and let go. It’s a slow process, but take the time you need to do this. You’ll know when you’re ready. Take baby steps leaving your child for an hour, then 2 hours, etc. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Good luck! ~MommyVal

What to do when I'm tired

Answer: When you’re tired you need to find ways to rejuvenate! If the baby takes a nap, lay down and nap too. It does wonders to to the mind and body. It’s ok to just sit sometimes, you don’t always have to be doing something, take down time when and where you can. Ask your partner or family or friend to help you out when you really need a break, it’s essential you take care of yourself. If you can sneak in a bath too, it helps. ~MommyVal

Need help potty training

Answer: Make sure your child is ready, don’t push it. You can teach them that this is just something they need to do which is the Montessori method. Other popular ways is the reward and praise system. Tell them good job and offer an award. Fun activity such as placing a sticker on a calendar. Many ways to do this. Find what works for you. ~MommyVal

Learning games for toddlers

Answer: You can really make a game out of everything. We use songs a lot. I make up songs and we learn shapes, letters, numbers. Washing hands, brushing teeth, getting dressed. Making it fun I find helps my daughter learn faster. ~MommyVal

When can I feed my baby solid foods

Answer: Typically they say around 4-6 months. But really it depends on when your child is ready. You can start introducing them to foods gradually. Look up, baby led weaning & baby first foods for more ways to start your baby on solids! ~MommyVal